Expert Guide to Car Windshield Glass Replacement: A Perfect Overview
Expert Guide to Car Windshield Glass Replacement: A Perfect Overview

Expert Guide to Car Windshield Glass Replacement: A Perfect Overview

Car Windshield Glass Replacement

Navigating the car windshield glass replacement process can be daunting for any car owner. However, overlooking a cracked or broken windshield poses significant risks, making timely replacement crucial for everyone’s safety.

Windshield Glass Replacement: What to Expect

When your car’s windshield develops a crack due to a stray stone or an accident, immediate repair is necessary. Skilled professionals can often repair small cracks on the spot. However, severe damage, such as large cracks or a series of cracks, requires immediate replacement.

Here’s what happens during the windshield glass replacement


Windshield Glass Replacement Process:

Locate a Competent Garage:

Find a garage near the accident site or your home.

Avoid driving with a cracked windshield for safety.

Contact Windshield Experts: Citi glass

Visit our website to locate the nearest service center.

Call the provided number to arrange for pickup at the accident site or your home.

Examination and Cleaning:

Professionals examine the car to determine if a repair or replacement is needed.

The glass is cleaned with alcohol to identify minor chips and ensure safe removal.

Safety Measures:

A large mirror is placed on the car’s dashboard for a thorough internal examination.

Experts identify dangerous cracks to ensure safe windshield removal.

Preparation for Replacement:

Remove the rubber gasket, rearview mirror, wipers, and plastic covers attached to the windshield.

Cut off the layer of urethane on the glass using a specialized knife.

Removal of Windshield:

Pop out the windshield from the frame.

Examine the frame for any remaining urethane and remove it.

Adding New Urethane:

Apply a new coat of urethane to the windshield frame to ensure proper adhesion of the new glass.

Quality Glass Installation:

Use high-quality AIS glass for replacement, known for superior visibility.

Secure the glass with tape while the urethane dries to prevent loose-fitting.

Final Installation:

Reinstall plastic molding, rubber gaskets, windshield wipers, rearview mirror, and other removed components.

Ensure all components are securely fitted.

Windshield Expert Synopsis

At Windshield Experts -Citi glass, we prioritize both speed and accuracy in windshield glass replacement. Our use of AIS glass guarantees top-notch visibility and the highest quality available. For any windshield-related issues, reach out to us today






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